With so many different ways of building new houses nowadays, it is important to ensure that the correct types of render are used according to the structure of the property and the environment of the project.

Working in conjunction with the manufacturers, SFP Contracts are able to install an array of renders to suit your property ranging from through coloured monocouche renders to high quality silicone self cleaning renders.

It is also important to consider restrictions from authorities and third parties, such as insurance companies etc. Planning restrictions may limit your choice of finish whilst insurance companies may not allow certain types of installation, especially if the properties are timber frame.


Many commercial projects such as schools, hospitals and hotels are now specifying render as their preferred choice of finish for their projects.

Being a cost effective but low maintenance solution allows finances to be utilised elsewhere whilst leaving the client satisfied that their buildings are kept looking clean for many years.

SFP contracts have the experience to assist architects and designers in offering technical advice, specifications and u value calculations, ensuring that the correct system and detailing is used on their project.


With millions of properties being of solid wall construction and fuel prices being at a premium, many are finding it difficult to keep their houses warm through the winter months as approximately 45% of generated heat escapes through the walls.

By installing external wall insulation savings can be made on your fuel bills whilst also improving the look of your house.

It has been proven that by installing external wall insulation the value of your property can increase by up to 10%

Being an approved installer for government schemes SFP Contracts can assist in securing any government funding that may be around at the time of installation, however rates can differ greatly depending on the type of scheme available.

Alternatively, if your house is already insulated but you would just like to change the look of it, SFP Contracts can install a render only system which will have no thermal performance but will have all the other major benefits, such as extremely low maintenance and weather protection to the structure, making your property the envy of your neighbours.